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Wash Packages – Kissimmee

Ceramic Treatment

$25.00wash club membership

Deeper shine.

Longer lasting protection.

The three-step layer process forms a durable shield that is resistant to dirt and other contaminants.

Ceramic-x also provides a superior water repelling barrier for a longer lasting shine.

Unlimited Monthly $45 Plus Tax

Royal Treatment

$20.00wash club membership
Includes Carnauba Wax & Shine
Royal Treatment Shine Process
Unlimited Monthly $40 Plus Tax

Carnauba Wax & Shine

$15.00wash club membership
Includes Shine & Protect
Unlimited Monthly $30 Plus Tax

Shine & Protect

$10.00wash club membership
Unlimited Monthly $20 Plus Tax

Basic Wash

$7.00wash club membership


Covered Area
Free Vacuum
Window Cleaner
License Plate Recognition
(Coming Soon)
Free Mat Cleaner